I Found Out That My Daughter Has Low White Blood Cells

On a recent visit to the doctor, I was told that my daughter has low white blood cells. The first reaction I had to that news was terror. All I could think about was keeping her safe, and trying to find out exactly how sick she was.

As I calmed down and was able to process the information, I learned the details of the condition from the doctor.

The medical term for having low platelets or decreased amount of white blood cell count is leukopenia. Specifically, what this means is that you experience a decrease of the leukocytes present in your blood. This can be very dangerous because leukocytes are the cells that specialize in fighting disease.

A typical white blood cell count is normally considered to be higher than four thousand white blood cells per one microliter of blood. However, that is only a general guideline, and the pacific parameters vary from doctor to doctor and medical practice to medical practice.

My husband and I have learned all that we could about leukopenia and have devoted our entire lives to taking great care of our daughter. I can confidently say that she is as healthy as she can possibly be.


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